The Best Platforms Where You Can Sell eBooks with ease

Giving away free ebooks with your newsletter is probably the most common idea e-book writers have when it comes to publishing and we can’t blame them. It is fast, easy and allows for great control over revenue, as well as expenses. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like to get creative with maximizing income from giving away free books, there are plenty of platforms where you can sell your ebooks online and in this post we are giving you some of the best ones:

Undoubtedly the most popular platform for selling ebooks of all times and quite honestly, not the most innovative one to suggest in an article, but nonetheless the one that will provide you with the greatest reach, as well as a great opportunity for receiving honest feedback on your digital books. If it doesn’t sell on, it won’t sell anywhere! However, be aware of competition. On a platform so robust, you need to make sure your product is exceptional and will stand out in the crowd.

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What makes Blurb special and unique is the fact that it not only allows you to publish and sell your digital books but also to write them and design them before distribution.

For anyone out there who is interested in incorporating  affiliate links in ebooks or struggle with marketing and like to get this thing off of their hands, is the way to go as it offers you with promo tools which will help you market that ebook you just wrote to any reader out there. Most importantly, it doesn’t involve any additional hidden fees you may like to steer away from when publishing your ebooks (no hosting fees either!) is one more platform that offers free ebook publishing. They don’t charge you with any monthly or yearly fees and hosting is free as well. What you might find interesting to know, is the fact that also offers eCommerce solutions for your ebook sales, in case you need it.

A great place to sell and publish your books on as there is absolutely no fee in regards to registration hosting etc. However, be aware that will charge you with an account activation fee which is in fact very small and will not compare to any revenue that you will earn by publishing there.

Now all that’s left for you is to decide how much you want to charge for your ebook and choose your favorable platform to publish on or maybe simply give them all a try and see which one fits you best.

>>The Best Places To Sell Your eBook Online in 2017

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