The Best Places To Sell Your eBook Online in 2017

Due to the huge development of the internet and places where platforms sell books online selling and buying ebooks has become as easy as pressing a few buttons. There are many platforms to sell books online who act as a mediator between passionate readers who want to find their favorite book online and the sellers which have a few old and used books to sell.

There are many websites specialized for selling ebooks who have thousands of books listed on their website ranging from web development books to cooking books and children books.

The principle on which the selling ebooks online business works is same as any other product you buy online. You just enter the website on which the ebooks are listed on and search for the one you want to buy.

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When you create an Ebook or sell it online through eBay or Amazon, they take a cut from the price you sell them by.  If you want to avoid this, you can use Alibris which is a platform for selling different things online where you can list up to 1000 items for an annual fee of $19.99.


A British-made website where you can scan a book’s barcode with your Android or iOS app and immediately get the price for that book which will be listed below along with the other books you place in the basket for sale. The prices listed are based on the demand for the book so if you feel like the price offered for the book is too low, you can remove it and list it elsewhere for the price you think is fit.

It’s a good way to try to start selling books online business or try to create an ebook and see how the price of it rises according to the demand for it.


If you’re into promotional activities and marketing besides the selling ebooks online business, I recommend you give Payhip a go. It’s an e-commerce website which combines promotional activities with sales through affiliate programs and promotional tools, meaning you can use other to promote your eBooks or sell them in your stead.

The 5% fee Payhip takes is one of the lowest there is on the market and there are no additional setup and hosting fees which makes it one of the most profitable platforms to sell books online on.


Blurb is a place where you can sell your ebooks on, but also a platform where you can create an ebook on. There are some interesting features for designing and styling your ebook, as well as a platform (the Amazon or Barnes & Noble platform) and an app (Apple iBooks Store) to sell them on.

Thinking back a few years back, it was hard to imagine that there would be so many platforms for selling and exchanging books. The books were still viewed as a physical good which was just starting to become popular again. Today, there is access to books everywhere we go, from open libraries in parks to online book selling websites giving readers the possibility to enjoy their favorite stories anytime, anywhere.

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